A Chance for Us All to Grow Together

The IDAHO FALLS COMMUNITY GARDENS are about growing - growing flowers, growing vegetables and fruits, and growing a community of people who can share their love of gardening while taking good care of our small part of the earth. Fun and learning is the emphasis and successful organic gardening is the objective. As a Community Garden member you have the use of one garden plot along with a shared responsibility for the total site.

FREE ORGANIC GARDENING CLASSES are scheduled each winter. These informal classes are designed to respond to the gardening information needs of the Idaho Falls gardening community. We will be working with the County Extension Office to make information handouts and Master Gardener expertise available to garden members. Field trips may also be scheduled.

The SPROUTS and Spud Buds children's gardening programs are designed especially to introduce children to the joys and challenges of growing a beautiful and productive organic garden.  Children learn the basics of good organic gardening and get to plan and plant their own 10'x3' garden as well as participating in special group projects.

THE GIVING GARDEN is a voluntary part of the Community Garden project which helps provide fresh produce for those in need. These plots are assigned by the Garden Coordinators, space available, on a first-come, first-served basis. Plot fees will be waived for Giving Garden plots in return for the gardener's donation of all food grown in that plot to local food banks, shelters, etc. As active and involved members of their community garden Giving Garden gardeners are required to meet all membership requirements including site maintenance requirements for each garden plot in use as a Giving Garden.   


Wheelchair-accessible beds at Rollandet garden
             The Rollandet Community Garden includes wheelchair accessible raised beds and pathways so everyone can share in the fun!

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