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2018 FREE Organic Gardening Class Schedule

Good news to start out the new year - we've got our 2018 class schedule finalized and ready to go! Our 2018 slate of organic gardening classes begins on January 13 at the Center for Higher Education (CHE) at University Place, 1770 Science Center Dr, 83402. We'll be in Room 211 again this year and can accommodate up to 100 people. The 2018 organic gardening class schedule is listed below.  Come join our outstanding slate of local horticulturists for stimulating and informative classes addressing a wide variety of organic gardening topics. Beginners welcome! As always, the classes are free and open to the public. No registration is necessary - just come grow with us! 

Questions? Call 524-0383 or email growifcga@gmail.com

2018 Class schedule


Terrific teachers and scintillating students make our classes engaging and educational but we know that occasionally there is a class you'd like to attend that doesn't fit into your schedule. For that reason we have posted notes from some of our previous classes on the website.

For classes click the links below:

Vegetable Variety Forum - see all the varieties recommended by our panel of 5 experienced local organic gardeners along with some from the gardeners in the audience!

Dr Buz Kloot's Bringing the Science of Soil Health Home  Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6

For more links to Dr Ingham's videos  go to soilfoodweb.com.

Fermentation Frenzy!

Native Plants for Use in Residential and Commercial Landscapes

Native Plants in the Home Landscape by Dr. Steve Love (will take a minute to load, it's a big file)

Dr. Elaine Ingham's Life in the Soil videos, Parts 1-5 plus one on weeds

Using Your Harvest recipes

ICKK! Friend or Foe?

SEED MATTERS:How to Save Seed and Why It Matters

GROWING STRONG:the Basics of Starting Your Own Seed

Propagation Plant Stand Plans

GET GROWING! Garden Planning: Tools, Tips and Techniques (pdf of PowerPoint (ppt))

GET GROWING! Garden Planning (notes)

SOILS, Part 1: Understanding your soil (pdf of ppt)

SOILS, Part 1: Understanding your soil (notes)

SOILS, Part 2: Do the Rot Thing (all about compost) (pdf of ppt)

SOILS, Part 2: Do the Rot Thing (notes)

Compost Ingredients Yes or No List from Seattle Tilth

COMPOST HAPPENS! (pdf of ppt)

Coffee Grounds in the Garden information 

SOIL IS NOT DIRT: Guide to Building Healthy and Productive Soil

DOWN IN THE DIRT: The basics of getting your seeds in the soil

COVER CROPPING - Summer and Winter

COVER CROPS:  Preparation and Planting

Fall Soil Preparation for Spring Success

PASS IT ON! A Beginning Guide to Saving your Own Seed

Growing Tomatoes from Seed

Transplanting your Tomatoes

Water-Wise Watering: Drip Irrigation and How to Make It Work for You (pdf of ppt)

Healthy Soil I: Class Outline and Soil Triangle

Healthy Soil II: Class Outline and Resources

Crop Rotation Worksheet

Mulch Handout

Idaho Garden Calendar: a Month-by-Month Guide

ABC's of Healthy Soil

Some links to info and calculations  

Organic Matter – Bulletin from University of Minnesota that has a good discussion on this topic:

Organic Materials Review Institute:

University of Idaho web site for all their publications:

To determine the texture of your soil:

Contains a table showing amount of water soil will hold plus information on watering:

Water-use tables to determine amount of water used per day:

Determining Amount of Water to Apply to a Lawn
  • Loam soil holding 1.8 inches water/foot soil
  • Deplete to 50%
  • Usable amount is 0.9 inches
  • Daily water use is 0.2 inches/day
  • 0.9 inches divided by 0.2in/day = 4.5 days
  • Effective application rate of .3 in/hr
  • 0.9 inches divided by 0.3 in/hr = 3 hours per irrigation

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