The Idaho Falls Community Garden Association has been growing with Idaho Falls for 24 years - let's keep growing together! 

2018 IFCGA Garden Registration
.April 7, 2018   9 am - 12 noon
Gardeners registered on first come, first served basis. Doors open at 8:50am. 

Development Workshop Griffith Building  2475 Leslie Ave.

For more information contact the IFCGA at growifcga@gmail.com or 208 524-0383


A new season is on the horizon and once again we welcome back some of the  folks who are at the very center of keeping our gardens growing, our Garden Coordinators: at Eastside - Monna Casper and Julene Haworth will be back again to guide the progress at Eastside; at Westside, we are happy to announce that Ed Phillips and Scott Lee will lead the team; and at Rollandet, Janet Felin will be doing communications and helping find a new Garden Coordinator as Wayne Wells, longtime down-in-the-dirt man on the ground has retired from his post. Thanks, Wayne, for all your hard work on behalf of the Rollandet gardeners. And thanks in advance to the Rollandet gardener who generously steps up to fill his shoes!

All of them will be working with their community gardeners to ensure that our community gardens continue to be beautiful and productive places. Thanks to each of you for helping Idaho Falls grow!

It's all of our dedicated volunteers that keep us growing  - contact us if you'd like to be a part of our growing community!  growifcga@gmail.com or (208)524-0383

IFCGA Board meetings occur monthly except for June -August when they are scheduled as needed. Please contact us for dates, times and location.

Westside once again takes 1st Place in 2017 Garden Contest! 

As usual the gardens were beautiful and bountiful for the annual garden contest judging in August. For the fourth year running the Westsiders have retained their 1st place Garden Contest award but both Eastside Garden, which took second, and Rollandet Garden were hot on their tails! This is the last year for the Garden Contest as we will be switching over to Garden Evaluations for the 2018 season. We will still have our judges giving helpful feedback to the gardens, though, so we can all keep growing!

A big thank you, too, to the good folk who volunteer to be our garden judges, visiting and rating each of the gardens during that August week. Their evaluations and feedback offer kudos and encouragement to help guide the gardens' continued improvement. Thanks for helping us grow!  

Gardener of the Year Awards - 2017

Each year the garden coordinators are faced with the difficult task of selecting a gardener who made a special contribution to their respective gardens. It was an especially difficult choice this year because the gardens were blessed with a whole crop of active, dedicated, truly community gardeners. But the GCs bit the bullet, made their selections, and those gardeners received special recognition at the Harvest Potluck celebration in October. Congratulations to the winners and our thanks to all those other hard-working gardeners who made the choice so challenging!

Rollandet Gardener of the Year

Michelle Smith


Eastside Gardener of the Year

Sam Medrano


Westside Gardener of the Year

Scott and Angie Lee


Call the IFCGA at (208)524-0383 or email us at growifcga@gmail.com for meeting times or to be put on the meeting notification e-mail list.



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