How Can I be a Part of the Community Garden?

Joining the Idaho Falls Community Gardens is easy. Each member pays a $40/season plot fee that entitles them to one garden plot and access to the site water and resources. Financial assistance is available. Each gardener supplies their own seeds and plants, and is responsible for the care and maintenance of their plot and adjacent pathways during the season. In addition, all gardeners are expected to participate for a minimum of 8 hours per season in general site maintenance including participation in at least two garden work parties. Full membership details are located in the MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT section. 

The annual IFCGA GARDENERS REGISTRATION MEETING is held each spring. The 2017 Gardeners Registration will be held on Saturday, April 1, from 9:00 am - 12 noon at the Development Workshop Griffith Building, 2475 Leslie Ave. Learn about the gardens, register for a garden spot, and meet the other gardeners. All new gardeners must attend the full meeting. We'll talk about how the IFCGA is set up, how the gardens work, site maintenance requirements, tips for successful gardening, and various activities scheduled for the season, like our annual Garden Contest and the Salsa Fest & Tomato Tasting.  Returning "Gardeners in Good Standing" (GIGS**) are given registration priority and must register by mail or in person with their Garden Coordinator prior to the general registration. If you are a returning gardener without GIGS status you will register the same as a new gardener. New gardeners will register in order of their arrival at registration. Doors open at 8:50am.

In conjunction with the registration we will also hold GARDEN FORUMS for each of the community gardens.  These meetings are devoted to three main activities; meeting the garden coordinators and other gardeners, planning work parties and site maintenance tasks for the season, and eating goodies. All gardeners (including GIGS**) are required to attend this important meeting. Our garden coordinators need your help and the gardens will flourish if we work together.

GARDEN WORK PARTIES are a fun and friendly way to accomplish  maintenance and improvements of the common areas of the community gardens. At registration you will sign up for two of the work parties that are scheduled for the season. A garden list will also be available at registration to help you choose which maintenance tasks you will use to complete your required volunteer hours.

Just call or e-mail today!

phone: Idaho Falls Community Garden Association, (208) 524-0383

** If you don't know your GIGS status contact your Garden Coordinator.




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