Building Garden Structures

Plant Propagation Stand

Build a stand to hold your seedlings and plant starts.

Build Wheelchair-accessible Raised Beds

In response to numerous requests from folks who have seen pictures of these beds on the IFCGA website we offer these rudimentary plans for our wheelchair-accessible beds. They have been in place for about 20 years and are holding up well. One important thing we learned is that the shallowest beds (the ones under which the chairs can actually slide) need excellent soil high in organic matter and, in the heat of the summer, either a thick layer of mulch or almost daily watering. If you have alternative plans, or suggestions for improving these, please let us know.

This is a list of the materials we used for our beds. We have two 'banks ' of beds bordered with concrete sidewalks or asphalt paths so wheelchairs can move easily around them.  We carefully prepared the soil on which the beds were to be built, digging it deeply (it had been unused for many years) and adding generous amounts of compost and manure. We used similarly enriched soil in the beds themselves. There are many flowers and vegetables which can do well in the shallowest beds - we've had success with beans, beets, peppers, onions, marigolds and other shallow-rooted flowers.