Plant, Grow, Utilize

Functional Habitat with Natives.pptx

Native Idaho Plants

Learn to plant native plants that can thrive in the challenging Idaho climate. These plants can do well in the dry, sunny summers and long cold winters while adding variety to your yard and garden year-round!

Vegetable Variety Forum 2019.pdf

Vegetable variety favorites

IFCGA Grow Your Own_ Seed Starting Basics.mp4

IFCGA Grow your own Seeds

GERMINATION TEST instructions.pdf

A quick and easy test for seed germination

Supporting Urban Pollinators_Dr Love.mp4

Dr. Love: Pollinators in the Garden 

Fermentation Frenzy.mp4

Fermentation Frenzy!

Fermentation principles and practices so you can make your own delicious pickles, kraut, hot sauce, and more!